Who We Are


1861 Market leads the New Mexico cannabis retail industry with speed, convenience, and value. We offer ethically sourced THC and enhanced CBD products in a mood-based format to simplify consumer experiences and provide trusted use. We care for our workers, our communities, our environment, and support safe, responsible consumption in our mission to provide positive cannabis experiences for all. 1861 Market was founded in 2020 and is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our Mission


1861 Market is dedicated to crafting a positive cannabis experiences backed by ethically sourced products delivered with convenience and value for all.

Our Story


Cannabis can be a confusing, intimidating space. Wacky strain names, different methods, inaccurate dosing, and a “one-joint-fits-all” approach lead us to overwhelming and negative experiences. We founded 1861 Market on the principles of changing cannabis for the better and making the experience more positive for everyone.


Our products come from New Mexico’s freshest sun-grown flower which is ethically sourced, genetically selected, and scientifically backed by clinical research. We categorize our products by mood, not by confusing strain names. Our highly-trained staff will guide you to your right mood, right away, and in the right way with simplicity, speed, and convenience all while supporting safe and responsible cannabis consumption.

Our values inside the market transpire to our values outside the market. We believe in promoting strong, New Mexico communities by providing well-paid jobs and educational opportunities in all of our retail and cultivation operations.

Whether you come inside or use our drive-through express locations, you can be sure that 1861 Market is committed to providing superior products for an exceptional positive cannabis experience. Welcome to simply better cannabis. Welcome to 1861 Market.